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It's not a celebration without Ricci's

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about us

Deep in the heart of Victoria's Yarra Valley, the origin of gourmet foods and boutique wineries, lies nestled in its heartland, a hand-made mud-brick dwelling; the home of Ricci's Bikkies.

Locally sourced ingredients are used in an ethically sustainable way to produce the finest products imaginable. 

Ricci’s Bikkies  are the original Pita Crisp and much loved Australian brand you’ve come to know over the past 18 years.

We’re proud to continue producing our handmade, all natural products, including ‘our original’ best selling Garlic, Olive & Parmesan Pita's and ‘our original’ Olive Oil & Sea Salt Pita Crisps.

Over many years of perfecting our recipes, we have been overwhelmingly humbled with the support our products have received from our loyal following.

Our promise to you - We will continue to provide our customers with ‘simply the highest quality pita crisp in Australia’. When you buy Ricci’s Bikkies,   you’re simply buying the best.

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Riccis Bikkies - White Floral
Riccis Bikkies - White Floral

our products

It’s 5.00am on any given morning in Melbourne and a fresh batch of Australia’s most authentic and best tasting Pita bread has just been baked. The Pita, which is made from the finest, 100% Australian ingredients, is quickly shuttled to the Ricci’s crispbread bakehouse in the foothills of the picturesque Yarra Valley as most of us are still asleep. As the dew settles and the sun begins to rise, the family run business at Ricci's transforms the pita into the highest quality, most delicious pita crispbread on the market, perfecting it's crunch to compliment every celebration. Packed full of natural flavours by using only real olives, parmesan, tomato paste and herbs; it is no wonder that the taste profile delivered by this authentic handmade product is unparalleled.

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local experience

If supporting Australian owned manufacturing, and providing the highest quality and best tasting products is important to you, then Ricci's range of Pita Crispbreads won't disappoint. Our premium, handmade and original recipe is a much loved Australian brand and product, sold Australia wide and internationally. We are dedicated to sharing our love of wholesome food with our loyal, discerning customers.


'It's not a celebration without Ricci's'

our favourites

Have you tried our range? Ricci's Bikkies started off simply doing what we love... 

Sliced Tomato

find us

Ricci’s Bikkies

Factories 1 & 2/29 Hunter Road

Healesville, VIC, 3777

Phone: +61 3 5962 1294

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