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Riccis Bikkies - Pita Platter 3



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Ricci's Bikkies - White Leaves FINAL
Riccis Bikkies - White Flower
Ricci's Sauces | Mixed Pack Trio
  • Ricci's Sauces | Mixed Pack Trio


    Like adding some flavour to your life? 


    This is the perfect opportunity to bulk up on our family favourites! Buy three of the same, or dare to be different and try a different flavour for each meal. 


    Make mundane meals extraoridinary with our range of Ricci's sauces, the perfect addition to your vegetable or meat dishes.  We love every part of the process in creating our premium product, and ensure we gain an authentic taste profile that delivers on gourmet quality and taste.


    - Mixed pack trio: satay, soyoza and wasabi soyoza

    - 250ml 

      Riccis Bikkies - Pretty Herbs
      Riccis Bikkies - Olive

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